Thursday, May 19, 2011

For What It's Worth... I will not be adding this to my parenting repertoire

So, the other day a friend sent me this article:  Telling Kids About Osama Bin Laden
While I can understand that at some point, each parent must tell their child about unpleasant things in the world, I thought the article was a little overblown.  It seems that every time there is anything untoward in the news, there is a subsequent article that tells you how you should talk to your kids about it.  But I wonder why there is a perception that a parent would not know how to speak with their own child about something serious.  And if they did not know, I am doubtful that sudden insight would leap forth from the newspaper.  After all, the final advice in this article comes from a mother who sprang 10 years’ worth of glossy publishing of a tragic event on her children before breakfast, then seemed bewildered that they would feel less secure rather than more.

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