Sunday, May 22, 2011

For What It's Worth... Today I will be grateful for pebbles

It is easy for me to see the things in my life that are not going the way I want, or to focus on the things that I wish would change.  But today I choose to be grateful for everything I have... just the way it is.  

Over the course of the past week, I have learned of two families in crisis.  One is a young family facing a very serious health condition, the other is a woman whose brother was kidnapped in Mexico.  It has served as a stark reminder that the things we most cherish can become ephemeral without warning.  These families are now faced with adversity they did not ask for, and time that may be fleeting.  They do not have the choice to hit the pause button, or to ignore the hard situation that lies ahead.  I am sure they would gladly trade the boulders in their paths for the pebbles in mine.  

And so with this, I now request a favor of anyone reading this post.  Whether you pray, meditate, or think positive thoughts, I would ask that you hold these families in your heart, as I hold them in mine.  And in return, I will hold in my heart those you know who are facing boulders of their own.

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